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Dual Metal Composite Panel

Dual Metal Composite Panel


Dual Metal Composite Panel is a composite panel which is laminated with another metal by polymer film on one layer of metal, in order to save resources and reduce costs without changing the appearance effect. Bimetal plate has high smoothness, good anti-resonance performance, sound insulation and heat insulation effect. It is widely used in the elevators, vehicles and interior panel and exterior wall cladding of high-grade buildings.

Commonfilm laminated metal composite panel included: Copper-aluminum panel, stainless steel composite panels, zinc-aluminum panel, and aluminum-aluminum panel.

Take Copper-Aluminum dual metal composite panel as an example: its characteristics are direct copper-aluminum bond, the board is solid, high strength, the shape is like copper veneer, good surface flatness. Can be used for copper doors and Windows, cabinet manufacturing and interior and exterior decoration, customers can also press patterns on the plate, increase the design and color. The minimum order quantity is 300 square meters, the delivery date is 45 days, and the warranty is 8 years without cracking


Panel Thickness:0.5---3mm




What is a composite metal panel?

Answer: A composite metal panel is a type of building material made by combining two or more different metals to create a strong and durable product. These panels are commonly used in construction, transportation, and industrial applications.

What is ACM sheet?

Answer: ACM stands for aluminum composite material, which is a type of composite panel made of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. ACM sheets are known for their lightweight, durability, and weather resistance, making them popular for building facades, signage, and architectural features.

What are the different types of composite panels?

Answer: There are several types of composite panels, including:

1. Metal composite panels - made of metal layers bonded together with a non-metal core

2. Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) panels - made of reinforced fiberglass and resin

3. Wood-plastic composite (WPC) panels - made of wood fibers and plastic

4. Insulated metal panels (IMP) - made of two metal sheets with an insulating foam core

5. Cementitious composite panels - made of cement, sand, and fiber reinforcements

What is a dibond panel?

Answer: Dibond is a brand name for aluminum composite material (ACM) sheets that are made of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a polyethylene core. Dibond panels are known for their lightweight, durable, and flat surface, making them popular for printing, signage, and display applications.

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