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Film Laminated Composite Panel

Film Laminated Composite Panel


The film laminated composite panel is a high-end quality decorative material which is formed by the basic composite panel after being treated with the environmental protection decorative film. The film laminated composite panel has the characteristics of fire resistance, moisture proof, environmental protection, stain resistance, scratch resistance and convenient installation, and is a new decorative material for replacing wood products. It has a strong competitive advantage in the field of interior and exterior decoration, which uses wood veneer extensively. It is suitable for public buildings such as hospitals, airport, stations, subways, hotels, commercial office buildings, shopping malls and high-end apartments.


 Excellent Fire Performance

Film laminated composite panels have good flame retardant properties and meet national indoor fire protection standards up to A2.


 Weather Resistant and Moisture Resistant

Weather Resistant and Moisture Resistant


 Green Materials

The products have passed the national environmental protection certification, no glue is needed during the installation process, green and environmental protection, and the test results reach the E0 international health standard.


 Excellent Antibacterial Performance

The antibacterial series products have antibacterial function and maintain the cleaning performance of materials. They are widely used in medical and catering industries.


 Excellent Scratch Resistance

The surface of the product has a hard surface that protects the surface from damage and improves scratch resistance by 30% compared to coating materials.


 Easy Installation

It has good processing performance, easy operation, quick installation, and special installation system, saving 50% time compared with traditional curtain wall installation.



What is zinc composite panel?

Answer: A zinc composite panel is a type of sandwich panel made of two thin sheets of zinc bonded to a non-zinc core material. It offers good durability, weather resistance, and design flexibility, making it a popular material for architecture, construction, and signage applications.

What is titanium zinc cladding?

Answer: Titanium zinc cladding is a type of roofing or facade system made of titanium-zinc alloy panels. These panels are lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for various architectural and construction applications.

What materials are in composite panels?

Answer: Composite panels are typically made of two or more different materials bonded together to create a strong and durable panel. The materials used vary depending on the specific application and may include aluminum, zinc, wood veneers, thermoplastics, and fiberglass.

What is the cost of zinc composite panel?

Answer: The cost of a zinc composite panel can vary depending on the manufacturer, size, and thickness. Generally, zinc composite panels are more expensive than traditional building materials such as wood or concrete, with prices ranging from $50 to $100 per square meter.

What are the disadvantages of zinc panel?

Answer: Some disadvantages of zinc panels include their higher initial cost compared to other building materials, potential issues with corrosion and staining if not properly maintained, and limitations in design flexibility due to their natural gray color and limited range of finishes.

Are composites cheaper than aluminium?

Answer: The cost of composites and aluminum can vary depending on the specific product and application. In some cases, composites may be more affordable than aluminum, while in others, aluminum may be less expensive. However, composites generally offer greater design flexibility, strength, and durability compared to aluminum, which can offset the higher initial cost.

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