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Stainless Steel Composite Panel

Stainless Steel Composite Panel


Stainless steel composite panel is one of the popular building decoration materials, which is composed of three layers. The outer two layers are made of stainless steel panels, and the middle sandwich layer is made of materials combined with polyethylene or mineral-filled core materials. Stainless steel composite panels have many advantages. The specially treated coating on the surface produces a unique anti-rust function through drawing and polishing. In addition, it has excellent durability and fire resistance. It is often in indoor and outdoor decoration fields and can be used in office buildings, schools, and various high-rise buildings. Our factory produces stainless steel composite panels for export to more than 100 countries worldwide and has professional product certification.



1.Attains great mechanical quality while reduce the cost greatly, 4mm composite stainless-steel composite panel compete to 3mm solid stainless steel in this sense while the cost only half of it.

2.Stainless steel composite panel also attains Anti-crash quality with the help of mineral core layer especially during fabricating, installing or transporting. The best feature is its application in buildings, the surface effect is much soft and beauty.

3. Light weight with superior flatness


The stainless steel composite panels produced by our company are widely used in various decorative applications, such as high-rise buildings, office buildings, schools, apartments, and hotels. Our products are easy to install, lightweight, and easy to transport. In addition, we have functions such as fire-resistant aluminum composite panel , water resistance, and corrosion resistance. Our products can also be used in shipbuilding, and we also have anti static panel that can be used in the power industry. Please feel free to contact us.


What is stainless steel composite panel?

1. Stainless steel composite panel is a material made by bonding stainless steel sheets to other materials, such as plastic or aluminum, to create a layered structure with enhanced properties.

What is steel composite panel?

2. A steel composite panel is a type of sandwich panel made by bonding two thin steel sheets to a core material, such as polyethylene or mineral wool. 

Is aluminum composite panel fire resistant?

3. Aluminum composite panels can be fire resistant if they are made with fire-resistant cores, such as mineral-filled cores or non-combustible cores. However, not all aluminum composite panels have fire-resistant properties.

What is composite panel?

4. A composite panel is a type of building material made by bonding two or more layers of different materials together to create a single panel with improved properties. 

What are examples of composite panels?

5. Examples of composite panels include aluminum composite panels, steel composite panels, and fiberglass composite panels.

Why use composite panels?

6. Composite panels offer several advantages over traditional building materials, including lower weight, ease of installation, greater design flexibility, and improved strength and durability. They are also often more cost-effective than traditional materials and can provide improved insulation and fire resistance.

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