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  • Company Profile

    Jixiang, the leader of new metal composite panels in China.

    Jixiang, with decades of time, has gradually moved from steady to green innovation, from material supply to material application technology system provider, Jixiang practices trust with actions, continues to grow, and constantly explores and improves products and services, with better intelligence. The comprehensive manufacturing service responds to every customer's entrustment, and joins hands with enterprises to open up an infinite future of "intelligent manufacturing".

  • Annual production capacity

    30+million square meters

    Products sell well all over the world


  • Quality Jixiang, focusing on research and development. Jixiang Technology R&D Center gathers global wisdom, forms a complete independent innovation system, and the application of new materials makes every product destined to be extraordinary. The development of the new process gives the products more powerful functions, and the products cover the fields of building exterior walls and curtain walls, interior decoration and ceilings, rail transit, aerospace equipment, automobiles and industrial materials. Its main products are aluminum-plastic composite panels, aluminum veneer panels, bimetallic composite panels, metal ceiling panels, metal honeycomb panels, aluminum corrugated core metal composite panels, film-coated metal composite panels, thermal insulation integrated panels, metal composite panels, aluminum-manganese-magnesium composite panels. Roof wall panels, painted aluminum coils, etc.

    Adhering to the founder's business philosophy, Jixiang innovates and makes breakthroughs, constantly seeks new and changes, and crosses national borders with strength, and has won high-quality awards and professional certifications from all walks of life, witnessing Jixiang's lasting value and demonstrating outstanding corporate strength.

    The new industrialization has brought new vitality to Jixiang, and it has rapidly developed into the most competitive modern metal composite panel manufacturing enterprise. Auspicious has an automatic production line for the mainstream products of ultra-wide and ultra-long metal clad panels in the world, lean production is efficient and high-quality, with complete technical support, it gives customers the most professional advice, and establishes a joint development plan with customers, and strives to achieve the required special development. , with a full range of high-quality metal composite panel products, to fully meet the needs of customers in the field of exterior and interior wall decoration.

    Under the innovation-driven strategy, Jixiang realizes the transformation from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and moves towards the camp of strong equipment companies. The innovative e-commerce system and the increasingly rich marketing service map have enabled Jixiang product application to successfully cross into different industrial fields, and established a With a sales and service network covering all key areas around the world, and with rigorous manufacturing processes and leading quality in the industry, it has become a partner of many international brands. 

    Jixiang actively faces the factory's environmental protection, production waste reduction and energy saving, etc., and fulfills its environmental and social care responsibilities. Every Jixiang employee has complete education and training, which allows Jixiang to strive for professional excellence and cultivate outstanding talents in the new era of the industry.

    Looking to the future, Jixiang will continue to innovate, with a global vision and international layout, to build a world-class provider of metal composite panel application technology solutions and a large-scale enterprise with the most industry brand influence.

Leadership Speech

Keeping yourself at the forefront of the industry is the eternal pursuit of Jixiang people.

As the leader of China's metal composite panels, we pursue the corporate philosophy of "Technology creates Jixiang, adhere to technological innovation, and constantly surpass", strictly follow the modern enterprise system, continuously promote the sustainable development and innovation of the enterprise, and focus on enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise. and comprehensive level. "Everything that succeeds comes from power, and power comes from people. Governance is in business, and people are the only things." We respect talents, respect knowledge, and create an excellent work team. We are well aware of the responsibilities and missions we shoulder, and turn them into the driving force that inspires us to move forward bravely, be strict and realistic, be determined to innovate, always keep pace with the times, and move towards a diversified, branded and international large-scale enterprise group. There is a long way to go. Personal value does not lie in how much wealth one has, but in maximizing the value of social resources. Looking forward to the future, we will adhere to the enterprise as a platform, and devote ourselves to building Jixiang Technology into an excellent Chinese enterprise and an internationally renowned brand. With the continuous development and growth of Jixiang Technology, we will repay customers, employees, and society, follow the trend of the Chinese dream, and realize the Jixiang dream. . Here, on behalf of all the staff of the group company, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to friends from all walks of life, new and old customers! And sincerely hope to go hand in hand with you to create a better future!

Leadership Speech

President: Zhu Rongping

Company Culture


Brightly made in China, to create a world brand;
To create an outstanding manufacturer of building and decoration materials in China.

Management policy: based on standardized management, guided by market demand, centered on product innovation, guaranteed by technological progress, and aimed at customer satisfaction

"Four Modernizations" of Jixiang Technology: Industrialization of Enterprises, Modernization of Equipment, Scientific Management, and Internationalization of Standards

Company Philosophy

  • Core Philosophy

    Core Philosophy

    Pursue excellence and create perfection

    Modest learning, wisdom, teamwork, innovation

  • Management Philosophy

    Management Philosophy

    Respect talents, respect knowledge, and create excellent teams

    Pay attention to effectiveness, strengthen management, keep improving, casting quality

  • Quality Philosophy

    Quality Philosophy

    Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise

    Create brand with quality, create benefit with brand

  • Work Philosophy

    Work Philosophy

    Attitude determines everything; details makes success

    Only find ways for success, not reasons for failure

  • Serving Philosophy

    Serving Philosophy

    Fast, accurate, convenient and thoughtful

    Only inattentive service, no discerning customers

  • Employee Philosophy

    Employee Philosophy

    Loyal to the enterprise, loyal to the profession, loyal to the personality

    Integrity of life, practical work, unity and cooperation, love and dedication


We focus on and always lead the development of the metal composite panel industry