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Interior Aluminum Composite Panels: Durable and Fire-Resistant

There are many building materials available for decoration companies or developers to choose from, such as cement walls or marble walls. However, if there is a material that is more cost-effective, durable, and aesthetically pleasing than them, it must be the internal aluminum composite panel (ACP). This high-performance ACP with fire resistance is similar in structure to a sandwich, consisting of two layers of aluminum sheets and a middle polyethylene honeycomb structure. It can be used in office buildings, commercial spaces, and exhibition halls, providing practical and decorative functions.


What are the features of internal ACP?

Because of its attractive appearance, internal ACP makes buildings more beautiful and can effectively delay the speed of fire spreading when encountering fires due to its polyethylene honeycomb structure, which has excellent insulation performance and won't burn easily at high temperatures. Therefore, there is a type of composite panel called fire-resistant aluminum composite panel.

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Why do buildings using ACP become stronger?

The main material of ACP is aluminum, which is very strong and impact resistant. Its hardness is also very high, so buildings will not be easily deformed or damaged even after exposure to wind, sun, or natural disasters. Its strength is several times higher than other aluminum plates, allowing it to bear higher buildings and loads. When external forces impact strongly, its impact resistance performance becomes particularly outstanding.

Why is internal ACP popular?

In addition to its unique properties of being sturdy and fire-resistant, internal ACP can offer a wide range of appearance choices. The surface of internal ACP can be processed with various coatings and treatments to produce different colors and patterns. Usually, black is the most popular color, known as "aluminum composite panel black", and it can be customized to meet different architectural styles, making it one of the best building materials. Moreover, it is lightweight enough, making it easy to transport and install, and its flexible installation methods, such as hanging, pasting, and frame fixing, all contribute to its popularity.

Where can internal ACP be used?

Due to its characteristics, internal ACP is applicable in various fields, including commercial spaces such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, exhibition halls, as well as home decoration. It can be used for interior walls, ceilings, and partitions, withstanding fading and deformation, providing good protection and aesthetics for buildings. In public places, internal ACP can also make surfaces smoother and prevent static electricity, so it can be called an "anti static panel". Most aluminum solid panel manufacturers can produce such products.

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Is it difficult to install internal ACP?

Installing internal ACP is relatively easy. The preparation work only requires wall surface treatment, measuring, cutting the panels, and selecting a suitable installation method. The main installation methods include:

(1) Hanging installation: Use metal suspension hooks to hang the internal ACP on the wall or ceiling. This method is suitable for flat surfaces.

(2) Pasting installation: Use special glue to paste the internal ACP on the wall. This method is suitable for dry and flat surfaces, reducing construction time and cost.

(3) Frame fixing installation: Use a metal frame to fix the internal ACP on the wall. This method is suitable for reinforcing wall structures and large-scale wall decorations.

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In summary

Internal ACP is a leading building decoration material that is stronger, more durable, and aesthetically pleasing than other materials. It can resist external forces, has a wide range of appearance options, and is easy to install and maintain. By choosing different installation methods and reasonable maintenance, its service life can be extended, ensuring safety and security.