ACP Manufacturer

Company Strength

Product quality comes from the advanced manufacturing equipment, and the consciousness of high-quality products comes from continuous innovation.

Jixiang has advanced equipment and testing instruments, sophisticated technology and strict and perfect quality management system, and gathers professional technical elites and leading-level scientific and technological teams, making full use of new technologies, new processes, and new materials to ensure product stability and reliability. sex.

  • Production Equipment

    Production Equipment

    The company has more than 20 large-scale aluminum-plastic composite board production lines, metal composite board production lines and automatic aluminum coating production lines, including 2-meter wide A2 grade metal and plastic composite production lines, 2-meter wide metal honeycomb and corrugated continuous production lines, 1.6-meter wide production lines The coating thickness of 1.2mm aluminum-magnesium-manganese metal roof panel roll coating production line, two metal honeycomb hot pressing lines 2.3 meters wide and 12 meters long have reached the international top level. The company has 4 pre-treatment continuous multi-coating and multi-baking aluminum coil coating production lines. The quality of aluminum coils produced by it is stable and reliable. In addition to ensuring its own aluminum-plastic composite production needs, it is also sold at home and abroad. The world's first-class computer numerical control fully enclosed continuous automatic production line for aluminum veneer is constructed by introducing foreign advanced technology. The water curtain spray booth is equipped with a complete set of automatic electrostatic spraying of Japan's "Ransburg" X, Y all-round light speed detector. System, Japan's Jinma automatic powder spraying recovery line and Japan's Minolta colorimeter and other online detection systems, the company currently has a 2.0-meter-wide full CNC aluminum plate flattening and cross-cutting machine production line, and dozens of modern CNC aluminum imported from Europe, America and Japan. Veneer processing equipment, such as Japan's Panasonic argon arc welding machine, Germany's OBO stud welding machine, more than ten Canadian "Aike" computer numerical control automatic shearing machines, bending machines, Hong Kong "Liang Faji" turret punch and other series of precision CNC sheet metal equipment can fully meet the modern, diversified and personalized production needs of customers.

  • Raw and Auxiliary Materials

    Raw and Auxiliary Materials

    From the beginning of pretreatment to the production of final products, all the raw and auxiliary materials of famous brands with good international reputation and stable quality are used. For example, the aluminum substrate adopts the most famous Southwest Aluminum, Ruimin Aluminum and other China Aluminum; The production of core material; the pretreatment agent adopts Henkel and Kemetel of Germany; the fluorocarbon paint adopts the resin fluorocarbon content more than 70% paint produced by PPG company in the United States; the polyester paint adopts Sweden Beko Company and KFCC, etc.; Unsprayed with Austrian Tiger Powder.

Technology R & D

Jixiang and Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and other national key universities and scientific research units have joined forces to make the banner of innovation fly more powerfully.
  • In order to ensure that the company can continue to provide high-quality products to the market, the company has established an innovative team composed of professor-level senior engineers and various professional and technical personnel, introduced a world-class R&D and manufacturing system, and fully adopted domestic and foreign advanced technology in the aluminum sheet industry, forming a strong R&D innovation system. Jixiang closely tracks the latest global industry trends and quickly translates them into production.

    The company now has more than 150 middle and senior professional and technical personnel and management personnel, 90% of whom have college education or above. The company has maintained a good cooperative relationship with management training consulting companies such as Jianfeng, Chuancheng, Huaxi, and Morgan Shengtong for many years, and has introduced a modern management system. The company has established a scientific research team composed of professor-level senior engineers and various professional and technical personnel, introduced a world-class R&D and manufacturing system, and made full use of advanced technologies in the aluminum plate industry at home and abroad to form a strong R&D innovation system. It also cooperates with American, British, French and other European and American countries and Japanese companies to develop new products and enter its sales network.

  • Middle and senior professional technicians and managers


    Proportion of college degree or above


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