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Aluminum composite panel: Applications and Advantages

The aluminum composite panel is a synthetic material, which is made of two layers of aluminum outside sandwiched by a polyethylene plastic core in the middle and can be used in a wide range of industries, such as the construction industry, signage panel industry, decoration curtain wall, decoration materials, etc... It has many advantages, such as high strength, corrosion resistance, lightweight and easy processing.

So today we will mainly talk about aluminum composite panels for aluminum composite sign panel a popular application, we will from the recognition of aluminum signage panel to aluminum composite panel sign panel structure and production process to describe.

Can an aluminum compsosite sign panel be customized?

Aluminum sign panels can be customized, and they can be combined with modern digital printing technology to achieve advertising printing, as well as nameplate and text pattern printing, and will not easily wear out. And the aluminum sign panel can be cut into various shapes and sizes by a cutting machine. Therefore, it is very convenient to customize some advertising signs and personal business cards by using plastic aluminum sign panels.

What industries can aluminum signage panels be used in?

Aluminum composite panel signage can be used in many industries, such as stores, supermarkets, exhibitions, conferences, schools, etc.

Indoor use of aluminum composite panel signage panels:

Indoors can be used in indoor gymnasiums, office buildings indoor, offices, classrooms, science and technology museum, library, and other places. Most of the general indoor use is 2mm aluminum solid panel.

Outdoor use aluminum composite panel signage panel:

It can be used in playgrounds, roadsides, rooftops, stadiums, highways, and other places.

More advantages of using aluminum composite panels:

Aluminum composite sign panels can withstand the damage brought by bad weather, and can prevent the spread of fire, the raw material of fireproof aluminum composite panels is also ACM aluminum composite material. And not easy to moisture, as well as will not deform and fade, is very stable, and if used for more than ten years will not be bad. An aluminum composite panel sign panel can provide people with a clean bright visual effect and can make people look at this thing more eye-catching.

What application areas can aluminum composite panel be used in?

The aluminum composite panel is not only used in signage panel. It can also be used in building curtain walls, interior decoration, transportation

The aluminum composite panel can be used in the field of signage, interior decoration, transportation, billboard, etc. It is strong and durable and not easy to be damaged, so it can be processed and secondary processed according to different needs, and it supports a lot of processing. It can be made into various shapes and structures.

The following are examples of application areas of aluminum composite panels:

1. Commercial signage panels: aluminum signage panels can be applied to indoor and outdoor signage panels in stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and other places to achieve better display effects. The application form of aluminum sign panel in commercial sign panel is various, it can be a column sign panel, spray painting sign panel, landscape sign panel, etc. The design form is flexible and changeable.

2. Exhibition sign panel: aluminum sign panel is also widely used in various exhibition venues, such as exhibition displays, exhibition hall sign panel, booth promotions, etc... Aluminum signage panels can be produced in different ways and designed to meet different exhibition needs, including exhibition hall interior signage panels, theme signage panels, backdrop signage panels, etc.

3. Architectural curtain wall: Aluminum composite panels are widely used in the field of architectural curtain walls, which can realize many different effects, such as mirror, matte, and other surface treatments, as well as various shapes of cutting and splicing, to create an artistic building facade. It is suitable for the use of dual metal composite panel.

4. Interior decoration: aluminum composite panels are also used in interior decoration, such as bathroom partitions, ceiling, wall decoration, etc. With the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, and easy to clean, aluminum composite panels can meet the requirements of material performance and aesthetics in interior decoration, and generally use aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel.

5. Billboard: aluminum composite panel sign panel is also one of the common materials used to make billboards. Compared with other materials, the aluminum sign panel has better flatness, strength, and durability, so it can better display advertising content and keep in good condition long time use.


The reason why most sign panels are made of aluminum sign panel is that it is a multifunctional and high-quality sign panel material. And after passing the printing, it basically will not fall off and can be used for a long time. In the production process, you can also choose a lot of processing, and facilitate maintenance, so the material is perfect.