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china curved aluminum honeycomb panel

china curved aluminum honeycomb panel


Curved honeycomb panels is a top-quality building material for exterior and interior applications. It has a thin yet sturdy structure comprising two aluminum layers, which are joined to a honeycomb core of aluminum. The panels can be bent to make unique designs and shapes and are popular with designers and architects. They're also fireproof and feature excellent sound and thermal insulation properties. China honeycomb curved aluminum composite panels are available in various finishes and colors, allowing for customizing and flexibility in design. They are simple to set up and maintain, making them an economical choice for various construction projects.


  • Large scale, up to 2100*12000mm

  • Extremely low weight

  • Excellent strength

  • High resistance to moisture

  • High resistance to corrosion

  • Excellent thermal conductivity

  • Noncombustible

  • High resistance to fungi

  • UV resistance

  • Acoustic insulation


  • • Exterior elevators

  • • Floors, walls and ceilings for elevators

  • • Ramps, platforms and mobile scenarios

  • • Structures for military radars

  • • Interiors for trucks and buses

  • • Vertical partitions

  • • Cleanrooms

  • • Equipment Fairings

  • • Recordable ceilings

  • • Support for thin rolling stone, marble and granite

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