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Wholesale Solid Aluminum Panel Up Size of 8000mm × 2300mm

Wholesale Solid Aluminum Panel Up Size of 8000mm × 2300mm


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Solid Aluminum Panel is a new type of building material that is widely used in various styles of buildings around the world. It provides a shiny, stylish and elegant appearance to buildings while also being easy to process. The base plate is made of high-quality and high-strength aluminum alloy plate with different thickness specifications. The finished work piece can reach a maximum size of 8000mm × 2300mm (L×W). The fluorocarbon Solid Aluminum Panel is available in many colors, providing strong decorative effects. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it easy and fast to install and construct. It is resistant to UV penetration, adverse weather conditions, and pollutants, ensuring a service life exceeding 20 years.


Solid Aluminum Panel has several key features:

  1. High-quality and high-strength aluminum alloy base plate with thickness specifications ranging from 2.0mm to 4.0mm.

  2.  Available in a wide range of colors, providing strong decorative effects and meeting different color requirements for modern buildings.

  3. Lightweight yet high strength-to-weight ratio, making installation and construction easy and fast.

  4. Resistant to UV penetration, weathering, and pollutants, ensuring a service life exceeding 20 years.

  5. Can be easily processed and enriched processing and installation methods for curtain wall.

  6. Environmentally friendly with little pollution, easy to maintain and clean with a polished appearance that lasts long.


The aluminum solid plate is a commonly used construction material, whose characteristics include high strength, good corrosion resistance, and easy processing. Aluminum solid panels are widely used in the following fields:

Building curtain wall: Aluminum solid panels can be used as building facade wall materials, providing beautiful visual effects and high waterproof performance.

Interior decoration: It can be used as interior wall and ceiling decoration materials, providing unique design effects.

Body manufacturing: It is widely used in the manufacturing of transportation tools such as automobiles, trains, and ships, providing lightweight, high strength, and corrosion resistance.

Electrical equipment: It can be used as insulation material for power systems and electrical equipment, providing good insulation performance and corrosion resistance.

Other fields: It can also be used in other fields such as billboards, sound barriers, and electronic product housings.

Aluminum solid panels are a versatile material widely used in construction and industry, providing strong, aesthetic, and durable solutions for a variety of application scenarios.


What is Solid Aluminum Panel?

Solid Aluminum Panel is a kind of decorative building material, which is made of pure aluminum sheet and has the characteristics of lightweight, fireproof, corrosion resistance, waterproof and easy processing. It is widely used in building facades, roofs, ceilings, partitions, curtain walls and other fields.

What colors and finishes are available for Solid Aluminum Panel?

Solid Aluminum Panel is available in a variety of colors and finishes according to customer needs, such as fluorocarbon spraying, oxidation, anodizing, electrophoretic paint, texture, etc.

Does Solid Aluminum Panel have fireproof performance?

Solid Aluminum Panel has excellent fireproof performance and can reach A2 class non-combustible material standard, which is ideal for exterior decoration of high-rise buildings.

Can Solid Aluminum Panel be processed into various shapes?

Solid Aluminum Panel has good plasticity and can be processed by cutting, bending, embossing, drilling and other processes to meet the needs of different shapes.

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