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Scratch-Resistant vs. Abrasion-Resistant Aluminum Composite Panels: Types and Uses

Hello everyone, today we will talk about a topic that is easy to understand, which is the difference between scratch-resistant panels and abrasion-resistant panels. First of all, they are both aluminum composite panels consisting of two layers of aluminum sheets and a plastic core in the middle. They are mainly used for curtain walls, exterior wall decoration, interior decoration, advertising signs, and other applications. There are many types of aluminum composite panels on the market, including scratch-resistant panels and abrasion-resistant panels. These two panels look similar and have similar names, but what are their differences? Today, let's explore their characteristics and advantages.

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What are scratch-resistant panels?

The difference between scratch-resistant panels and anti-scratch panels is that scratch-resistant panels are aluminum composite panels that have been specially treated to reduce damage from scratches. They are more wear-resistant and have better scratch resistance than ordinary aluminum composite panels. This type of aluminum composite panel is usually coated with aluminum oxide powder to form a very hard surface layer. It can be used to protect the aluminum composite panel and prevent it from being scratched or damaged by other means.


What are the advantages and uses of scratch-resistant panels?

Scratch-resistant aluminum composite panels are easy to clean, maintain, and install. They can be customized in different sizes and textures to meet different customer requirements and building design needs. This type of panel is commonly used for exterior wall decoration of commercial and industrial buildings, and sometimes for interior decoration as well. It is a popular and durable building material that I highly recommend.

What are abrasion-resistant panels?

Abrasion-resistant panels are aluminum composite panels with advanced scratch resistance. They have a stronger surface coating or cover to protect the aluminum composite panel surface and reduce the possibility of surface damage from scratches. The surface coatings are usually 3H or higher in hardness and can pass various tests to verify their scratch resistance.

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What are the advantages and applications of abrasion-resistant panels?

Compared with scratch-resistant panels, abrasion-resistant panels have a higher level of durability and scratch resistance, so they are usually used for more advanced protection in high-end residences, medical facilities, educational institutions, etc. However, due to their higher cost, abrasion-resistant panels are not suitable for all projects.


In summary, scratch-resistant panels and abrasion-resistant panels are both types of aluminum composite panels with distinct differences in their scratch resistance and surface coatings. If they are used for commercial, industrial, and residential projects, scratch-resistant panels are sufficient for daily needs. If more advanced protection is needed, such as in high-end projects, abrasion-resistant panels can be considered during the design and construction phase when choosing aluminum composite panels.