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Application and introduction of aluminium signage panel

The aluminum signage panel is a type of building material used for outdoor signs. It is the same material and product as the aluminum composite panel on other buildings, but with different functions. The aluminum signage panel is made of aluminum sheet coated with polyester coating, and can be printed with digital printing or stickers to create patterns and words. It has many advantages, including durability, lightweight, and resistance to external damage, making it an ideal choice for building signs.

Applications of Aluminum Signage Panel:

JIXIANG is a domestic professional manufacturer of aluminum signage panels. Our aluminum signage panels can be used in various public places, offices, schools, hospitals, sports arenas, hotels, and shopping centers. They can be made into door plates, direction signs, logos, display boards, road signs, billboards, etc. They have a wide range of applications and various styles to choose from. In addition to being used as signs, they can also be used as decorative elements such as company logos, artworks, or wall hangings. Because of their strength, low cost, and ease of production, they can be widely used.

Advantages of Aluminum Signage Panel:

The aluminum signage panel has excellent waterproof and corrosion-resistant properties, and its surface has been specially treated with coating, so it has good oxidation resistance. Due to its lightweight, it is easy to install and maintain, and can be cut to meet different shapes and sizes required by customers. When making aluminum signage panels, various methods of sign making can be used, such as digital printing or direct sticker application, both of which are particularly suitable. Additionally, lettering can be done on the aluminum signage panel, or a carving machine can be used on the aluminum sheet to create letters and patterns of varying depth.

In summary

The aluminum signage panel has many advantages and features, such as durability, lightweight, ease of installation and maintenance, and can be combined with various printing technologies and secondary processing methods to become a signage board in various streets and malls.