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Purchasing and Characteristics of Color Coated Aluminum Coil


Aluminum Composite Material

Color coated aluminum coil is a kind of aluminum coil with special treatment. It is beautiful, anti-corrosive, weather resistant, and has good temperature resistance and environmental protection. It is widely used in construction, electronics, decoration, automotive, electrical appliances, home appliances, and other fields, such as aluminum curtain wall panels, aluminum ceilings, garage doors, rolling doors, aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel, aluminum composite material panels, and other applications.


Material selection


When purchasing color coated aluminum coil custom, you need to consider the choice of material. Common aluminum alloys are 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, and 8000 series aluminum alloys. Different types of aluminum alloys have distinct advantages and disadvantages, including cost, durability, surface gloss, and other indicators. According to the actual needs, you can choose the right material. Color coated aluminum coils must be painted with various colors on the surface of the aluminum coil after cleaning, chrome plating, roll coating, and baking processes.

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Specification selection

The specifications of color coated aluminum coil include width, thickness, roll length, and color. Different specifications are suitable for different applications and service life. You can choose the right specification according to the actual needs and use environment.

In terms of thickness, it can be divided into single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer. Single layer (4-20µm), double coating (25-28µm), and triple coating (35-39µm) are available in different thicknesses according to the actual application.

In terms of color, there are ordinary white powder-coated aluminum, black trim, tawny, solid black, and different color splicing, and it also has reflective material.

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Where are color coated aluminum coils generally used?

Construction industry: aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum ceilings, aluminum shutters, rolling doors, garage doors, aluminum composite panels, and other important applications

Automobile industry: automobile sunroof, automobile shell.

Electronic industry: cell phone case, air conditioning panel, refrigerator panel, computer case

Other industries: furniture, office, solar reflector, heat insulation packaging, etc.

With fireproof function

The ignition point of aluminum is 600 degrees Celsius. Even in the scenario where a fire has already occurred, it can still block the fire from continuing, and can reduce the damage caused by the fire to the property, so the color coated aluminum coil is very suitable for high-rise buildings and dense storage bins, even in the event of a fire, it can also play a protective role.


Choosing color coated aluminum coil and understanding the role of color coated aluminum coil is a very simple thing, when we pick color coated aluminum coil, we must determine the scenario and purpose of our use, because there are very many colors and coating materials to choose from, and there are differences in cost, we can generally choose the Chinese manufacturer.