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Household Appliances, 3C Panels

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Household Appliances, 3C Panels

After the efforts of R&D personnel and the transformation of production process, Jixiang has developed a new application of aluminum composite panel. In addition to the field of architectural decoration, Jixiang sheets can also be used in household appliances and 3C panels, such as TVs, tablet computers, etc.

Jixiang TV&PC panel has three advantages

1. Materials

A. Environmental protection paint. Jixiang adopts non-toxic and environmentally friendly paint that does not contain heavy metals, and has passed the ROHS certification of SGS.

B. 3000 series aluminum alloy. The performance of this series of aluminum alloys is superior to that of the 1000 series aluminum alloys commonly used in aluminum-plastic panels.

C. New polyethylene, exclusive formula. The special formula improves the strength of the panel while retaining the toughness for subsequent processing.

Second, technology

Through the transformation of the production line and the upgrade of the production process by technicians, Jixiang successfully entered the home appliance industry from the construction industry.

III. Performance

Excellent Appearance  Perfect Flatness Excellent Strength Easy Processing

JixiangTV board is superior in toughness and strength, and is extremely easy to process in different application fields.