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Table Tennis Table

2021-10-29 13:51:38 吉祥新材料股份有限公司 Viewd 178
Table Tennis Table

After the efforts of the R&D personnel and the transformation of the production process, Jixiang has developed the aluminum-plastic board table tennis table top.

Advantages of Jixiang table tennis table top

1. Waterproof

The use of high-density coatings, strict manufacturing process and the advantages of the aluminum-plastic panel itself to release water.

2. Flattening

The special reinforced structural core layer supports the surface layer, so that the flatness of the surface layer is perfect.

3. Economy

It has high performance and low cost, which improves the cost performance of the product and is more affordable than the commonly used national standard countertops.

Four. Durable

The various materials and coatings selected for the panel have good unshaped, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and no cracking.