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Home Appliance Composite Panel

Home Appliance Composite Panel


Through the efforts of R&D personnel and the transformation of production process, Jixiang has developed new application fields for aluminum composite panels. Besides construction and decoration areas, our panels are also used in home appliances such as TVs, 3C panels such as tablets.



A. Environmental protection paint. Auspicious uses non-toxic and environmentally friendly paints that do not contain heavy metals, and has passed the ROHS certification of SGS.

B, 3000 series aluminum alloy. The performance of this series of aluminum alloys is superior to that of the 1000 series aluminum alloys commonly used in aluminum-plastic panels.

C. Brand new polyethylene, exclusive formula. The special formula improves the strength of the panel while retaining the toughness for ease of processing.

D. Imported protective film. Auspicious uses special home appliance film for TV and computer panels to ensure the appearance of the panels, easy to tear, and convenient for subsequent processing.


Through the transformation of the production line and the upgrading of the production process by technicians, Jixiang successfully entered the home appliance industry from the construction industry.


●Excellent appearance   ●Perfect flatness   ●Excellent strength   ●Easy processing



What is composite panel?

A composite panel is a type of building material made by combining two or more different materials to create a stronger and more durable product. Composite panels are commonly used in construction, transportation, and industrial applications.

What are examples of composite panels?

Examples of composite panels include aluminum composite panels (ACP), fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) panels, insulated metal panels (IMP), and wood-plastic composite (WPC) panels.

What is a disadvantage of composite panel?

One disadvantage of composite panels is that they can be susceptible to delamination, which is the separation of layers within the panel. This can occur due to exposure to moisture, temperature changes, or other environmental factors.

What is ACM sheet?

ACM stands for aluminum composite material, which is a type of composite panel made of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. ACM sheet is known for its lightweight, durability, and weather resistance, making it a popular choice for building facades, signage, and architectural features.

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