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Aluminum Curtain Wall Panel Best Price

Aluminum Curtain Wall Panel Best Price


Product Name: Aluminum Curtain Wall Panel

Application Scope: High-rise buildings, commercial buildings, and public facilities, etc.

Product Types: Aluminum Single Panel, Aluminum Composite Panel, Aluminum Square Panel, Aluminum Strip Panel

Product Introduction:

Aluminum Single Panel: Made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy, it is lightweight, high-strength, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and suitable for various indoor and outdoor wall decorations.

Aluminum Composite Panel: Composed of two layers of aluminum sheets and a core material of polyethylene (PE) or non-combustible mineral wool, it has high strength, fire resistance, waterproof, environmental protection, etc., and is suitable for indoor and outdoor curtain walls, ceilings, partitions, etc.

Aluminum Square Panel: Made by cutting and folding high-quality aluminum plates, it has high strength, beautiful appearance, easy disassembly, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor ceiling decoration.

Aluminum Strip Panel: Made of aluminum alloy with fluorocarbon paint spraying on the surface, it has high gloss, sun protection, rain protection, etc. and is suitable for indoor and outdoor partitions, ceilings, curtain walls and other fields.

Our company's aluminum curtain wall panel products have diversity, with various colors and designs available for selection, and can also be customized according to customer requirements to meet different architectural design needs. At the same time, we also provide custom services to ensure customer satisfaction.


Aluminum curtain wall panels have many characteristics, including high wind pressure resistance and impact resistance. Compared to traditional building materials, aluminum curtain wall panels are more lightweight, which is beneficial for installation and transportation. The material can prevent the spread of fire by covering its surface with a layer of non-combustible material, which can improve the overall fire resistance of the building. Aluminum curtain wall panels also have strong corrosion resistance due to the non-combustible material on its surface. They are easy to process and cut, and they offer a wide variety of styles that can increase the diversity of effects to meet customers' aesthetic requirements.

In summary, aluminum curtain wall panels are known for their lightweight, sturdy, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy-to-process, and aesthetically pleasing qualities. They are widely used in fields such as building decoration, interior design, exterior wall curtain walls, and other areas.


The application scope of aluminum curtain wall panels is very wide, mainly used as decorative materials to provide buildings with beautiful and durable exterior surfaces. They can be used for building curtain walls, interior design, signboards, vehicle decoration, factory wall panels, etc. Aluminum curtain wall panels are a versatile and reliable solution.


How much does a curtain wall unit cost?

Answer: The cost of a curtain wall unit can vary depending on several factors such as the size and complexity of the design, the type of framing material used, and the location of the project. Generally, the cost can range from $75 to $150 per square foot.

Is aluminium cladding better than curtain wall?

Answer: Aluminum cladding and curtain wall systems are both popular choices for building facades and exteriors. However, they serve different purposes and have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum cladding is typically more cost-effective and provides greater insulation, while curtain wall systems offer greater design flexibility and can allow for greater natural light penetration.

How thick is aluminium curtain wall?

Answer: The thickness of aluminum curtain wall systems can vary depending on the specific application and building codes. However, common thicknesses for aluminum curtain wall systems range from 1.5 inches to 7 inches.

Are curtain walls expensive?

Answer: Curtain walls can be more expensive than other traditional building materials such as brick or concrete. However, their advantages such as improved energy efficiency, durability, and design flexibility can often justify the additional cost. The overall cost of curtain wall systems can also vary depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the design, the type of framing material used, and the location of the project.

What is a cheaper alternative to curtain walling?

Answer: A cheaper alternative to curtain walling could be using window wall systems or storefront systems that provide similar benefits such as increased natural light and improved energy efficiency but with lower installation and maintenance costs. Other alternatives include using precast concrete panels or insulated metal panels for exterior cladding.

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