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Aluminum Composite Wall Panel Pricelist

Aluminum Composite Wall Panel Pricelist


Thank you for your interest in our Aluminum Composite Wall Panels. The specific specifications, sizes, and quantities can impact the pricing, so we recommend contacting our sales team for an accurate quotation. We offer a wide range of Aluminum Composite Wall Panels in various categories, including interior and exterior decoration, building facades, and signage. We are committed to providing high-quality products at competitive prices to meet your needs. Please reach out to our sales team for detailed pricing information based on your requirements.


Here's an example of aluminum composite pricelist table:

Product CategorySizePrice (per square meter)
Interior Decoration Panel1220x2440$25
Exterior Facade Panel1500x3000$35
Advertising Signage Panel1220x3050$30
Fire-resistant Panel1220x2440$40
Custom Design PanelCustomPrice on request


Applications of Aluminum Composite Panels:

1. Building Facades

2. Signage and Advertising

3. Interior Decoration

4. Cladding Systems

5. Retail and Commercial Spaces

6. Exhibition Booths and Displays

7. Architectural Features

8. Corporate Branding and Identity

9. Transportation Vehicles

10. Furniture and Cabinetry

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