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FEVE 1/4 Aluminum Composite Panel

FEVE 1/4 Aluminum Composite Panel


FEVE 1/4 aluminum composite panel has high quality polyurethane as the primary coat and fluoropolymer after mid-high baking as the surface coating. FEVE coating is from Japan technology and has a very high gloss. It has a good weather resistance up to 10-15 years and is distinguished from the PVDF fluorocarbon coating by features of brilliant color and high gloss, the diversification and uniqueness of which makes it unparalleled by other painting systems. It’s especially applicable in decorations and exhibitions for commercial chains, auto 4S stores, and gas stations where the color effects are required.



FEVE ACP becomes one of the best cladding materials in the world because of its advantage. It’s widely used in buildings as follow:

Office buildings, luxury residential, villas, hotels, shopping centers, entertainment venues, gas stations, auto 4S stores, chain stores, subway, internal and external wall, ceiling, eaves, balcony, galleries, exhibitions, partitions, advertise fascia, showing and display platform.

Application field