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Aluminum Foam House Wall Panel Manufacturer

Aluminum Foam House Wall Panel Manufacturer


What is aluminum foam house wall panel?

The foam house wall panel is an innovative building material. It has excellent compressive strength and thermal insulation performance. The middle part is filled with foam material, which not only improves the insulation performance but also provides remarkable soundproofing. Additionally, it is fire-resistant and seismic-resistant, ensuring the safety and reliability of the building. Whether for residential or commercial construction, aluminum foam house wall panel is an ideal choice that can bring a more appealing appearance.



Product Features:

1. Excellent Compressive Strength

2. Superior Thermal Insulation

3. Outstanding Soundproofing

4. Fire-Resistant

5. Seismic Resistance

6. Versatile Applications

7. Enhanced Aesthetics

8. Easy Installation and Maintenance

9. Longevity and Durability

10. Environmentally Friendly


It can be used in construction and real estate, interior design and decoration, transportation, cold chain logistics, electrical and electronics, environmental protection, advertising and exhibition.

Application field