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Aluminum Composite Panel Design

Aluminum Composite Panel Design


There are several different styles of aluminum composite panel available, including:

1. Regular style: Flat surface, with a single color or metallic finish.

2. Wood-look style: Surface treated to resemble wood grain, with the texture and feel of natural wood materials.

3. Stone-look style: Surface treated to resemble stone texture, with the texture and feel of natural stone materials.

4. Mirror style: High-gloss mirror finish, creating strong reflection effect, typically used for interior decoration.

5. Metallic texture style: Surface treated to create a metallic texture, with the texture and color of metal.

These styles can be customized according to customers' needs. We also offer a range of specifications, colors, and quality grades of aluminum composite panel products to meet various customer requirements.


Different styles of aluminum composite panel have various functions and advantages in applications:

1. Regular style: Suitable for various occasions, with different colors and surface treatments available according to design needs.

2. Wood-look style: Can be used for indoor and outdoor building decoration, with the beauty and texture of natural wood materials but more durable and easy to maintain.

3. Stone-look style: Suitable for building exterior walls and interior partitions, creating the texture and form of stone materials visually while being lighter and easier to process and install.

4. Mirror style: Suitable for interior decoration, with a strong reflection effect that enhances spatial flow and visual depth.

5. Metallic texture style: Suitable for modern building curtain walls and interior decoration, presenting a metallic texture and color, representing a modern, minimalist, and industrial style.

Different styles of aluminum composite panel provide multiple options for architectural decoration to meet various design requirements and application scenarios.


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