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What's an aluminum wall panel?

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The aluminum wall panel is a high-quality building material, processed from high-quality aluminum sheet, this aluminum wall panel is very troublesome to manufacture and needs to go through multiple processes.

What are the processes involved in making aluminum wall panels?

The manufacturing process of aluminum wall panels needs to go through many processing procedures such as plate reduction, punching, bending, arc rolling, welding, polishing, riveting, ribbing, polishing, painting, etc., which are processed into wall panels and metal curtain wall materials/fronts.


What are the properties of this material?

Aluminum wall panel is a kind of material used for building exterior wall decoration, It is made of aluminum alloy with the characteristics of lightweight, durability, and good weather resistance. Aluminum wall panels are widely used in architectural design, which not only provide a good appearance effect but also have the functions of fireproof, anti-corrosion, and heat insulation. The following is a detailed introduction to aluminum wall panels.

Advantages of aluminum wall panels


Material properties

Aluminum wall panels are made of aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of lightweight and high strength. Compared with traditional building materials, such as stone and glass, aluminum wall panels are lighter and easier to install and carry. At the same time, aluminum wall panels also have the advantages of corrosion resistance and good weather resistance, which can adapt to a variety of harsh climatic conditions.

Appearance effect

Aluminum wall panels can be made into various shapes and colors according to the requirements of architectural design, providing diversified appearance effects. Through different processes, it can achieve a variety of surface effects such as flat, concave, convex, texture, etc., making the building more personalized and artistic.

Fire performance

Aluminum wall panels have excellent fireproof performance, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire. Aluminum material itself does not burn, and has a high melting point, even in the event of fire can maintain its structural integrity, reducing the threat of fire to the building and personnel.

Thermal insulation

Aluminum wall panels also have good thermal insulation properties, which can reduce indoor and outdoor temperature conduction to some extent. This helps to improve the energy efficiency of the building and reduces the load on the air conditioning and heating systems, thus saving energy and reducing energy consumption.


Aluminum wall panels have good durability, can withstand long-term wind sunshine, and other natural environment erosion, not easily fade and deform. At the same time, aluminum wall panels also have strong seismic performance, which can maintain the structural stability of the building during earthquakes and other natural disasters.


How to maintain aluminum wall panels?

Aluminum wall panels are well-maintained and easy to clean. Generally, it only needs to be cleaned with water and neutral detergent to keep its appearance beautiful and bright. However, we don't recommend too much power cleaning, and you can't use harsh chemicals that lead to damage to the protective layer. Using a mild cleaning solution is the best option, along with a soft cloth that can easily wipe away dust and debris, using warm water with detergent. Then use a soft cloth solution applied to the panel, gently wipe to remove dirt and stains, and then rinse with water can be used, use a soft dry cloth to dry, you can prevent the appearance of water stains.