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What is a composite metal panel?

A composite metal panel is a commonly used high-performance architectural decorative material in modern construction. It consists of two layers of metal outer surfaces and an intermediate composite core material layer. Typically, aluminum alloy is used for the metal outer surfaces, and polyethylene (PE) or fire-resistant polyethylene (FR) is used as the core material.

Is a composite metal panel lightweight?

The outer surfaces of composite metal panels are usually made of aluminum alloy, which is chosen for its lightweight, corrosion resistance, and excellent workability. This allows composite metal panels to meet the strength and stability requirements of building facades while maintaining a lower weight.

What is a composite panel made of?

The intermediate layer of a composite metal panel is composed of a core material, commonly polyethylene (PE) or fire-resistant polyethylene (FR). This core material provides structural support and enhances the fire-resistant properties of the composite metal panel.

Manufacturing process of composite metal panels

The production process of composite metal panels is relatively complex. First, the metal outer surfaces undergo pretreatment, such as cleaning, oxidation, and coating, to provide better corrosion resistance and decorative effects. Then, the core material is bonded between the two layers of metal outer surfaces and undergoes a high-temperature and high-pressure curing process to ensure the stability and durability of the composite metal panel.

Advantages of composite metal panels

Composite metal panels have several advantages that make them a popular choice in the construction industry. Firstly, they have a lower weight, making installation and handling more convenient. Secondly, they have excellent resistance to wind pressure and impact, enabling them to remain stable in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, composite metal panels exhibit good fire-resistant properties, delaying the spread of fire and providing escape time to protect the safety of buildings and occupants.

What are the appearances of composite metal panels?

In addition to their functional performance, the appearance of composite metal panels is also highly appealing. They can achieve various effects, such as wood grain, stone texture, or metallic texture, through different surface treatments and coatings, meeting the design requirements of building exteriors. This makes composite metal panels widely used in commercial buildings, residential constructions, and public facilities.


As a high-performance architectural decorative material, composite metal panels offer advantages such as lightweight, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and aesthetic appeal. They provide both structural support and protection for buildings while meeting the design needs of their exteriors. With advancements in technology and materials, the application of composite metal panels in the construction industry is expected to continue expanding.