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What is aluminum composite sign board?

Aluminum composite panel is a high-performance lightweight material consisting of two layers of aluminum sheets with a core of polyethylene sandwiched in between. The advantage of this material is its durability while reducing weight and cost, achieving more functionality and improved longevity. It is commonly used in building facades, signage, and advertising boards.

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What are the advantages of aluminum composite panel signage?

Aluminum composite panel signage offers numerous advantages, particularly for outdoor advertising boards. Firstly, it needs to withstand environmental challenges such as strong winds, heavy rain, and air erosion. Therefore, the material used for advertising boards must be waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Additionally, signage requires high strength and rigidity to withstand strong winds without being toppled or deformed. Aluminum composite panel signage possesses these advantages, as aluminum exhibits excellent waterproof and corrosion-resistant properties, enabling it to adapt to various environments, temperatures, and humidity levels.


How is aluminum composite panel signage displayed?

Aluminum composite panel signage is primarily used for outdoor displays and can undergo various processing methods such as cutting, bending, and perforation. It can also be coated with different colors and textures to present diverse advertising forms. It finds applications in commercial advertising, traffic signage, building identification, display boards, and indoor and outdoor signage.