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Alupanel ACP Brushed Aluminium Sheet

Alupanel ACP Brushed Aluminium Sheet


The Alupanel ACP Brushed Aluminium Sheet combines modern aesthetics with durable functionality, making it an ideal choice for various applications. This aluminum composite panel (ACP) features a brushed aluminum finish, providing a sleek and contemporary appearance.

Product Parameters:

1. **Material:** High-quality aluminum composite panel

2. **Finish:** Brushed Aluminium

3. **Thickness:** [Specify thickness]

4. **Size:** [Specify dimensions]

5. **Color:** Silver

6. **Weight:** [Specify weight]

7. **Coating:** Weather-resistant coating for extended durability

8. **Fire Rating:** [Specify fire rating]

9. **Installation:** Easy to install with various mounting options

Key Features:

- **Modern Design:** The brushed aluminum finish adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

- **Durable Construction:** Crafted from high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.

- **Weather-Resistant:** Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

- **Versatile:** Ideal for signage, architectural cladding, and interior design projects.

- **Easy Installation:** Designed for hassle-free installation with multiple mounting options.


The Alupanel ACP Brushed Aluminium Sheet is designed to have a long lifespan, providing reliable performance for years to come. Its weather-resistant properties contribute to its durability, ensuring it withstands various environmental conditions.




1. Architectural Cladding: Enhance building exteriors with a contemporary and durable cladding solution.

2. Signage:Create eye-catching and professional signage for commercial spaces.

3. Interior Design:Incorporate into interior design projects for a modern and stylish aesthetic.

4. Furniture:Use in the creation of modern and durable furniture pieces.

5. Corporate Branding:Ideal for corporate branding applications.

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