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Aluminum Composite Sheet, Gloss White,0.118" (3mm) x 12" x 24

Aluminum Composite Sheet, Gloss White,0.118" (3mm) x 12" x 24


This 0.118" (3mm) x 12" x 24" Aluminum Composite Panel is a lightweight, yet strong and durable building material that consists of two layers of aluminum with a polyethylene plastic core layer in between. It is finished with a high gloss bright white coating, which not only looks great, but is also easy to clean and maintain. Aluminum composite panels are widely used for building facades, interior decoration, billboards, commercial displays and other applications.


- Strong and durable: composed of two layers of aluminum and polyethylene plastic core, with strong compressive and flexural strength.

- High Gloss White Surface: The surface is coated with a bright white finish for a beautiful appearance and easy cleaning.

- Weather Resistant: Resistant to UV rays, acid rain, salt spray and other harsh environments, maintaining long-term stability and aesthetics.

- Light weight and heat insulation: Light weight, good heat insulation performance, conducive to energy saving and environmental protection.


- Exterior wall decoration: As exterior wall decoration material, it provides beautiful appearance and good protection function.

- Interior decoration: It can be used for indoor wall, ceiling, partition and other decorations, adding a sense of modernity and elegance to the indoor space.

- Billboards and commercial displays: Suitable for billboards, logos, display cases and other commercial promotional and display purposes.

- Other applications: It can also be used in the decoration of stations, airports, stadiums, hospitals and other public facilities.

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